Data Conversion

The process of converting computer data from one format to another format is well known as ‘Data Conversion.’ The computer encodes the data in several ways. There ways are mostly seamless. Data conversions may be simple or complex in nature. They range from converting a text file from a charter encoding system to another system or from converting video, audio or office file formats. Few basic points that need to be kept in mind before carrying out the process of data conversion... Read More


This is an open source as well a non-free application. The term CRM stands for customer relationship management. The functions are marketing campaigns, customer support, reporting, collaborating and sales-force automation. Basically, SugarCRM is a software company in Cupertino, California which produces web applications. The three editions in which SugarCRM develops the CRM software are as follows: 1) Sugar Professional 2) Sugar Community Edition 3)Sugar enterprise Like every... Read More

Dedicated Content Writer

The content of a website forms the backbone of any website. It illustrates about the profile of the company, the career of the company and also about the services that it provides. The chief functions of a content writer are as follows: 1)    Producing keywords in order to make the content SEO friendly. 2)    The content should be user-friendly, i.e., it should be understood by the visitors who would be visiting the website. 3)    The content writer should produce the... Read More

Brand Management and Promotions

NetTrackers is one of the most eminent company, when it comes to brand management and promotions. We take care of your brands and try to promote it in the best manner possible. The services that we provide under brand management and promotions are as follows: 1) P.R. activities 2) Advertising the campaign 3) Promoting the brand Brand Management may be an abstract term, but with the ever increasing competition in the market, it cannot be dismissed as unimportant. A brand name can... Read More

WordPress Theme Design

WordPress is a dynamic process of managing website matter using a browser. WordPress is an open source application powered by MySqel and Php.The other features include templating system, workflow and a plugin architecture. WordPress can easily manage an entire website. The user friendly port in wordpress enables text and media operations. Some of the prominent features of the wordpress are mutilple author capability, enables tagging of posts and articles, search engine friendly,... Read More

Ecommerce Website Design

The process of Exchange of business related information through electronic data and internet related technologies is called Ecommerce. Preapring awebsite design for the above stated purpose is further known as Ecommerce Website Design. Certain functions like online shopping, recrutting employess, booing of tickets , downloading software and graphics can be performed with the help of Ecommerce. Ecommerce also paves way for online business developments. An individual can interact... Read More


HTML 5 is a medium for constructing and presenting the matter on  the World Wide Web. The objective of this recently introduced technology is to enhance the language for the recent development in the field of multimedia, keeping in mind the user-friendly objective as well. HTML 5 comprises of the syntactical features. These features are introduced in order to accommodate the graphical and the multimedia matter on the World Wide Web, without depending on the API s and Plugins.... Read More

Custom Website Design

NetTrackers provides you with an easy and affable solution for your websites. The company comes up with fresh and innovative designs, keeping you at par with your competitors. To a fair extent, the fate of a company’s success depends mostly on the company’s website and designs. Least to say, it is mandatory to have an attractive website to attract more and more visitors, resulting in a profitable business concern. Our team at NetTrackers initially understands your needs, fixes... Read More

Action Script Development

Action script is an object oriented language which was introduced by Macromedia.Inc. It is a language of the ECMA script which is mainly used for the development of the websites. It is an open source language which means that the users are not charge for it.  Action Script mainly regulates the 2D animations and Flash applications. Now-a-days, this script is also used for richer internet applications and web based games.  Like every other programming language, action script too... Read More

Web 2.0 designs

Web 2.0 is a term often used for web designs and applications. Web 2.0 alleviates interoperability, information sharing, user-centered design and cooperation of the World Wide Web. It permits its users to collaborate and interact with each other on social media as prosumers of user-generated content in a virtual community, contradictory to websites where consumers are circumscribed to view the content in a quite passive manner. Few instances of Web 2.0 designs are blogs, wikis,... Read More